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Imagine yourself as a ten year old in 4th grade. Nervous, awkward energy consumes you. You've just been told by your classroom teacher that you're going to be taking a required Ballroom Dance Class today. For the next 8 weeks, you will be dancing with .....*gasp!!* the opposite gender, aka now your dance partner. Your palms sweat as you realize there's no getting out of this,  so you pull your sweater over your hands when the Ballroom Instructor asks you to hold your partner's hands, to avoid the dreaded "cooties."


Fast forward, 8 weeks later, you realize that dance you watched your parents or grandparents dance is actually kind of fun. Spinning and twirling a dance partner and moving your body to music makes you feel confident and happy. You perform your new dance routine with your assigned dance partner in front of a few hundred parents and audience members on a real stage! You feel a sense of self pride and like a celebrity, the applause still ringing in your ears.


After the performance, your teachers, principal, parents and other adults and students come up to you and tell you how proud they are of you and how amazing you danced. And, if you're anything like us, you will remember this experience 20,30 even 60 years later! You'll tell your children and grandchildren about that time you Ballroom Danced in the 4th grade. 

So, now that we have taken this journey back in time, don't your children, grandchildren, and school deserve to experience this opportunity? 

 Great! Let's bring this program to your school today! It takes only one parent or one teacher to bring performing arts to a new school. Call us today!

The Showtime Project




Hueneme School District

Parkview Elementary 

Sunkist Elementary 


Conejo School District

Westlake Elementary

Simi Valley School District

Madera Elementary 

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