Choose Your Residency Preference


Ideal for multiple grade levels to maximize VAPA funding

8 weeks of lessons 1x/week with  Showcase performance at School

K-2 Grade - 35min of Instruction

3-6 Grade - 45-50 min of Instruction

Up to 35 Students Per Residency



1/2 Fiscal Year Residency

12 Weeks of Instruction 1x/week,

Showcase performance at School

Up to 35 Students Per Residency 

(ie, a typical school needs 2-3 residencies per grade level)



Perfect for a grade level to experience a full year.


24 weeks of instruction 1x/week 

Winter Performance at School Site

Spring Performance in Professional Theatre Setting

Fulfills VAPA Standards for K-6 for          1 Full Fiscal Year

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