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A Letter from Sunkist Elementary School

1400 Teakwood Street • Port  Hueneme • California • 93041 

I am the principal for Sunkist Elementary School, in Port Hueneme, home to 575 students. We are a TK through 5th grade school.  We are committed to providing a complete education with a focus on College and Career Readiness and the California Common Core State Standards. We also work to meet the cultural, social and emotional needs of all students as we prepare them to lead effective, responsible and meaningful lives.  


Our goal this year is to continue to bring in the Arts and Performing Arts to find other avenues of expression for our Sunkist Students. Sunkist Elementary school supports the dance program taught by the Showtime Project. I have seen the positive impact this work has had on our kids and I am thrilled to continue with the program. Please let this letter affirm our commitment to advancing this program.


We will also provide administrative support. Our classroom teachers are partners in this and will circulate and collect materials that measure the programs’ effectiveness on our students. Teachers will hand out questionnaires at the start and at the conclusion of the year and work with dance instructors to develop questions that address the educational aspect of the classes as well as the social aspects and other “soft skills” benefits of this program.      


We also pledge our full support for the final performance where the students dance in front of an audience. We will involve the parents by scheduling and promoting the show and assisting in the preparation of this event. Last year’s performance was a hit and we plan to build on that success. Should you have the need to contact me or require any further information please feel free to call or email me.


Thank you. Cynthia Delgado: Principal

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