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California Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA) STANDARDS


We fulfill all VAPA Standards for Grades K-5th.


Creating (Explore)


  • Kindergarten: Anchor Standard 2 (Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.)

      K.DA:Cr2 a. Improvise dance that has a beginning, middle, and end


  • 1st Grade: Anchor Standard 2

     1. DA:Cr2  b. Choose movements that express an idea or emotion, or follow a musical phrase.


Performing  (Express)


  • 3rd grade: Anchor standard 4

3.DA:Pr4 a. Judge spaces as distance traveled and use space three dimensionally . Demonstrate shapes with positive and negative space. Perform movement sequences in and through space with intentionality and focus.


  • 4th grade: Anchor Standard 4

4.DA:Pr4 b. Dance to a variety of rhythms generated from internal and external sources. Perform movement phrases that show the ability to respond to changes in time.


  • 5th grade: Anchor Standard 5

5.DA:Pr6  b. Identify, explore, and select production elements that heighten and intensify the artistic intent of a dance and are adaptable for various performance spaces.


Responding  (Analyze)

  • Kinder –

K.DA: Re9  Find a movement that was noticed in a dance. Demonstrate the movement that was noticed and explain why it attracted attention.


  • 1st Grade

1.DA:Re7 b. Demonstrate and describe observed or performed dance movements from a specific genre or culture.


Connecting  (Synthesize)

  • 5th grade

5. DA: Cn10 a. Compare two dances with contrasting themes. Discuss feelings and ideas evoked by each. Describe how the themes and movements relate to points of view and experiences

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